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Winners of Children's Poetry Competition

Last updated: 18.05.2016 // In cooperation with Unicef and the State Ministry of Education, the Norwegian Embassy organised a children's poetry competition in Juba. More than 200 children from five primary schools participated. We are proud to present the four winning poems that were read at the Norwegian National Day Reception 17 May:

First place girls, junior class:

By: Hafaf Mohamed John (top photo), Malakia Primary School, 10 years, P 3

Peace, Peace, Peace!
I like peace, I love peace
Peace is too sweet and tasty

My name is peace because I am a peace maker
My name is unity because I love everyone
Who wants to be a peace maker like me?

We need changing, changing, changing!
No war, No killing, No violence.

Education is my light, education is my peace.
I like my education, I like my peace,

Our leaders, our leaders make peace.
Our leaders, our leaders create peace.
Thank you for peace, thank you for peace.

Watch Hafaf read her poem!


First place boys, junior class:


By: Samuel Godi Jerry, Malakia Primary School, 12 years, P 5

Unity is a key for peace and happiness
Unity is too near to us
Let us do for unity in South Sudan
Our South Sudan for everyone

We all one, we all one, one.
The war is our enemy, the war is our enemy
Avoid hatred, avoid fighting, avoid war
Make love, make peace, make prosperity

Our leaders, Our leaders,
be humble
Our leaders, our leaders,
be wise
Our leaders, our leaders,
love each another

No unity without love, no unity without love
In North, in South, in East, in West,
we are one

In South Sudan we are all one


First place boys, senior class:


By: Louis Pitia Patrick, 14 years, P 8

Peace, peace, peace
We need peace in our country
We need peace in our communities
We need peace in our homes
We need peace worldwide

What can you do to ensure peace prevails in your community 
To me I can do the following on my own capacity
Sensitizing people in the community
Acting drama with peace message
Composing song with peace message
Avoid tribalism in communities 
Call leaders to pass peace message
Games and sports should always be organized
Producing posters and banners with peace message

My fellow children, join me and build a peaceful South Sudan
And conducive environment than being in conflict always


First place girls, senior class


By: Clara Alex Ramadan, 16 years, P-8

They are careless about my needs
I need Peace
Where people live at ease
I need security
So that I plant coffees and beans

Give me school 
So that I’ll be the next Nobel Prize winner
for finding the cure to HIV

I have huge dreams 
And ambition to make them reality
I have the determination and self discipline
To see every goal surpassed

I’ll go to college
Not to party and have fun
Because when I’m an adult
There will be no generation of corruption
Segregation or tribalism

Though I hurt myself I would never hurt anybody else
Because I am a girl
Because I am a girl
Because I am a girl

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