Lofoten Islands, Norway’s gem

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Lofoten, an archipelago of islands of unparalleled beauty and charm in northern Norway.

Located beyond the Arctic Circle, they are the ideal place to see the Northern Lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer.

They are characterised by high mountains that drop into the sea, fjords and colourful fishing villages. The rorbu, the typical fisherman’s house, which usually overlooks the sea or the shores of a fjord or frozen lake, is a great place to stay.

Lofoten main islands

The main islands of the archipelago are Austvåg, Vestvåg, Moskenes, Flakstad and Gims.

How to get to Lofoten

You can reach the Lofoten Islands by plane with the company Widorøe from Oslo or Bodø. Widorøe serves the airports of Svolvaer , Leknes and the small island of Røst.

A conveniant way to reach Lofoten with a car. From Bodø the car ferry serves Moskenes, the island of Værøy and the island of Røst.

Express boat
Hurtigruten cruise sails from Bergen to Kirkenes in 11 days. It stops in Bodø before passing through the Lofoten Islands at Stamsund and Solvaer.

Are the Lofoten islands worth visiting?

Are they worth visiting? Absolutely! They offer many opportunities for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, kayaking and cycling. They also have plenty to see with lighthouses, waterfalls, glaciers and wildlife.

How do I get to Lofoten Islands?

You can get to Lofoten Islands by plane or boat. You can also take a ferry from the south of Norway up to Narvik which is located on the main island in the lofotens called Austvågøya.

Can you live in Lofoten Islands?

Yes, you can live here if that’s what you are wondering! The islands are home to around 27,000 people.