Moskenesøy island

Moskenes island (Moskenesøy in Norwegian) is located in the southernmost part of the Lofoten. Icebergs have shaped the landscape, which is one of the wildest and most interesting landscapes that Norway has to offer. Among the well-known places are Hamnøy, Reine, Sørvågen and Å.

The landscape is characterized by abrupt cliffs and extremely narrow beach areas between the sea and the mountains. The settlement is centered on the eastern side of the island.


On Moskenesøy you can experience the stunning nature in many ways. If you take the boat across the Moskstraumen, you will reach the outer side of Lofoten.

On the inner side of the island is the Reinefjord. From Reine you can take the local ferry to one of the most beautiful
most beautiful fjord landscapes.