Sports activities in Norway

Five activities that make Norway a sportsman’s paradise

Norway is famous for its Fjords, archipelagos, splendid roads, typical houses, northern lights and other natural treasures. These marvels qualify it as one of the most beautiful countries in the world! And with good reason, its dazzling landscapes will satisfy nature lovers and sports enthusiasts alike.

More and more travellers are looking for adventure in their trips, and Norway has become the destination par excellence, and one of the most interesting in Europe, for this type of “adventure” tourism. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a sports enthusiast, there’s something for everyone.

Despite the country’s rich geography, the climate is less mild. Norway has two main, radically different seasons: in winter, sports enthusiasts can indulge in the pleasures of skiing and dog sledding, while in summer, activities focus on hiking, kayaking and extreme sports.

  1. Climbing and mountaineering

Photo credit: Flickr – Gunnar Hildonen

Climbing is a sport that is rarely practiced in Europe, at least not in the kind of environment Norway offers. Thanks to the country’s incredible vertical topography, it’s the ideal destination for climbing enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Beware, however, of bad weather: it’s better to be an expert in the field than to throw yourself headlong into such ascents. Choose the West Fjords region for this practice.

  1. Kayaking

Photo credit: Flickr – gego2605

Even though kayaking is common practice all over the world, it’s still a great way to visit Norwegian waterways without the crowds of travellers. If you’re a thrill-seeker, rafting, which has been in vogue in the country recently, will also appeal, thanks to its swirling rapids and icy central waters.

Thrills guaranteed. Many organizations offer excursions for all levels throughout the country.

  1. Cycling

Photo credit: Wikimedia – Johannes Jansson

Have you ever thought of cycling in Norway? Like many northern European countries, Norway is ideal for both road and mountain bikers. Enthusiasts and seasoned cyclists alike will enjoy climbing the many passes and exceptional roads.

For the rest of us, the flat roads of the fjords are just as enjoyable. Note that some towns, such as Trondheim, have set up a free bicycle system. To find out more about trails and other routes open to cyclists, the Bike Norway website is a specialist in the field.

  1. Skiing

Photo credit: Flickr – SkiStar

Did you know that the word “ski” is Norwegian? Paintings dating back thousands of years prove that skiing originated in Norway.

As a result, it has become one of the country’s national sports. Despite the interesting terrain for downhill skiing, cross-country skiing is the most popular sport in Norway, not least because of its low price.

Adventurers will love cross-country skiing, because despite the presence of marked trails, maps and signs to help you find your way, the weather can play tricks on you and snow on the trails from one year to the next. It’s a good idea to bring appropriate clothing and some food in case the planned itinerary runs into trouble..

  1. Glacier hiking

Photo credit: Adventure Jay

One of the most memorable activities of a stay in Norway. Although glacier trekking is undoubtedly a source of wonder, as it is so exceptional, it remains a rather dangerous practice. We strongly advise you to be accompanied by a local guide before setting off on your glacier trek. The Hardergerjokulen Glacier is the country’s most spectacular glacier, but the Folgefonna National Park and many others are also excellent spots for glacier trekking.

Extreme sports, meanwhile, continue to attract more and more thrill-seekers. Norway has become one of the world’s leading destinations for skydiving, bungee jumping and mountaineering. It has to be said that Norway’s natural setting is exceptional.

In short, Norway is an excellent destination for nature lovers and offers a multitude of activities for all adventure sports enthusiasts. A wealth that very few destinations can match.

Will Norway be your next sporting destination?