A World of Opportunity: How to Secure an English-Speaking Job in Oslo, Norway

Finding the right job can be a daunting task for even the savviest of career seekers. But if you’re looking to make a move––maybe across the world––the bright lights of Oslo, Norway might be calling your name. With over 3,000 jobs available at any given moment and a range of services and amenities to take advantage of, working in Oslo just might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Learn more about the available English-speaking jobs in this bustling Nordic city and how to make sure finding one is a secure experience.

Requirements for Working in Oslo

Whether you are planning a move to Oslo or hoping to secure an English-speaking job there, it is important to understand the visa regulations and language requirements that may affect your decision. Citizens of non-EU countries require a valid employment permit before they can legally work in Norway. Additionally, proficiency in the Norwegian language is often required for many positions, although knowledge of English can also be beneficial. Nonetheless, a lack of Norwegian fluency will limit the number of available jobs and may significantly limit your potential earning potential.

Professional Networking Opportunities in Oslo

It is imperative for job seekers to establish a strong professional network when looking for work in Oslo. Building relationships with locals and other professionals in the industry can open doors to job opportunities and internship placements. This can be done through attending conferences and events that cater to your industry or joining local organizations that match your interests. Additionally, LinkedIn is a great platform for building an extensive network and connecting with recruiters from various industries.

Tips for Finding Work in Oslo

For those seeking an English-speaking job in Oslo, there are many online platforms to take advantage of. For instance, LinkedIn provides services and job ads related to vacancies in Scandinavia. Considering the current market conditions, there are over 3,000 job openings available on the platform. Moreover, by signing up with a reputable recruitment agency you may have access to exclusive vacancies. Finally, attending meetups, workshops and seminars can also provide invaluable information about the job market while also helping you build connections.


Finding meaningful employment as an English speaker in Oslo can be challenging but it isn’t impossible if you take the right steps. Visa regulations must be considered carefully along with any applicable language requirements. Investing in professional networking opportunities will increase your chances of finding suitable openings or making connections that could lead to better opportunities down the road. Utilizing online platforms such as LinkedIn and reputable recruitment agencies may also be helpful along with attending relevant events that can help you learn more about the local labour market.