Norway improving livelihoods in South Sudan

24.11.2016 // Livelihoods have improved with support from Norway to IGAD's regional initiative as local capacity gets strengthened and veterinary services delivered in South Sudan.

South Sudan is a country with many possibilities of economic prosperity given its unexplored livestock industry besides enormous natural resources.

According to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), there are over 36 million animals in the new nation, positioning South Sudan as a country with the highest livestock per capita in Africa. At least 80 per cent of estimated masses relies on their cattle for social and economic discourse/treaties.

However, the problem have been cattle diseases control and broadening South Sudanese mind to use their cattle for economic benefits not just for prestige.  South Sudan have very limited and incapacitated veterinary services and personnel to manage cattle diseases and provide necessary knowledge to cattle keepers.

Therefore, with support from Norway to IGAD regional initiative to South Sudan implemented by UNDP, there have been improvements of livelihoods among South Sudanese as local capacity gets strengthened and veterinary services delivered.  More successes could have been registered under the support if there was peace and stability across the country. 

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